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Why are heart attacks affecting the younger demographic? Tips to Lower Complications of Heart

Heart related diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide. Problems with the heart mean problems with the whole body which is why it should be taken seriously. Heart diseases also known as cardiovascular diseases is an umbrella term, that is an amalgamation of all the other conditions that affect the heart. The top risk factors that affect the heart are high cholesterol levels, blood pressure and smoking; of course, there are other factors and poor lifestyle choices which lead to a heart condition  like drinking too much, not looking after your diet and neglecting exercise.

Unfortunately, for the last couple of years, heart diseases are on the rise amongst young adults of the world. They are just as much at a risk of suffering through a heart attack as the older people around them. This has become prevalent because of the sedentary lifestyle led by the young adults which consists of not sleeping enough, neglecting their diet, not exercising, drinking too much and indulging in recreational drugs. Your lifestyle dictates your health and if that isn't led in a healthy manner, every aspect of your life is going to be affected.

Heart attacks

A few ways which can be incorporated in our day to day life to prevent heart conditions - 

1. Eat Right
It is of utmost importance to eat the right amount of nutrition our bodies require to live the constant on-the-go lifestyle we lead. Eat dried fruits like - dates, almonds and cashew nuts. Try to consume protein through eggs and chicken breast, and if you are vegan you can try alternative sources of protein like seitan or tempeh. Fibre is a very important part of our diet and it comprises fruits and green vegetables which provide energy for us to endure the long days.

Proper diet can improve heart health

2. Exercise 
Stamina and strength take time and consistency to build. Start slow with small workouts which focus on the entire body then go into focusing on particular body parts. There are various forms of workouts to disposal like - HIIT, aerial yoga, functional training etc. Try different kinds of exercises to understand your body and what suits it best

Regular exercise to pump cardiac health

3. Go on walks
If exercise is not an activity you’re fond of, how about walks? They help with relaxation, and being exposed to the elements of nature helps with mental des-stressing. Instead of going cold turkey by changing your lifestyle overnight, start slow. Go grocery shopping, identify what your food preferences are and try to recreate recipes at home instead of ordering in. Few changes made everyday will amount to big ones in the long run. 

4. Reduce the consumption of alcohol and smoking
Smoking contributes to the top three causes of being the reason behind cardiovascular disease. It affects every area of your life - you constantly need to take smoke breaks, makes it difficult for you to exercise since it affects your breathing and much more. Along with that, excessive drinking also causes stress to the organs.

Smoking damages functioning of heart

5. Eat your medicines
Consuming your medicines on time and regularly is of extreme importance. If you suffer from blood pressure be sure to consume the prescribed medication by your doctor; don't take any preventative medicines without your doctor’s approval since it can have a harmful reaction which will in turn cause an adverse effect.

Regular intake of medicines improves health

6. Maintain a healthy weight
Excess weight is the gateway to heart-related diseases. Being overweight has many complications linked to it like high blood pressure and diabetes. Consult your doctor and if you find out that you’re not within the weight limit for your body type. It is of dire need for you to lose the excess weight to lead a healthy and long life.  

All the factors mentioned above are equally important for you to lead a healthy life which in turn will keep your heart away from Cardiovascular diseases. Every little step taken by you in terms of improving your diet and to leading a more active life will benefit you in the long run. 

Healthy heart