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Thank you so much for an amazing experience the services from the minute we came in were superb. The staff, nurses, doctors and the entire hospital team has been wonderful and warm plys extremely helpful whenever the need arose. I would at every moment recommend this hospital. Thank you once again for such a warm welcome

Zahid, Hadia and Zayan


Every treatment and facility provided at your hospital was excellent, I would definitely recommend A.J Hospital to everyone

Payel Bychoko


The doctors at A.J Hospital are very knowledgeable and checked on me very often. The nursing staff was very accommodating and kind. Hospital room at the day care centre was very clean. Doctors and nursing staff make sure that the patients admitted receive treatment correctly and properly

Shani Shetty


I was highly impressed and satisfied with the treatment provided to me here at A.J Hospital

Adam Clapham

London, U.K