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Dr. Dinesh Kadam



Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery



Dr. Dinesh Kadam: A Leading Plastic Surgeon Transforming Lives

Meet Dr. Dinesh Kadam, Head of Plastic Surgery Department at A.J. Hospital & Research Centre
Dr. Dinesh Kadam is a renowned plastic surgeon with a wealth of experience and expertise in the field. As the Head of the Plastic Surgery Department at A.J. Hospital & Research Centre, he has transformed countless lives through his exceptional surgical skills and compassionate approach to patient care.

Exceptional Surgical Skills and Specializations

With over 3000 successful plastic surgical operations to his credit, Dr. Dinesh Kadam is recognized for his expertise in a wide range of procedures. He excels in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, delivering outstanding results that enhance patients' confidence and quality of life.

One of Dr. Dinesh Kadam's notable achievements is his proficiency in microvascular surgeries, particularly for head and neck cancer reconstruction. He has performed the highest number of microvascular surgeries in Karnataka over the past two years and is among the few plastic surgeons in the country to specialize in this complex procedure.

In addition to his microvascular skills, Dr. Dinesh Kadam is an experienced cleft surgeon, having successfully operated on over 700 patients with cleft lip and palate. He is well-versed in all aspects of plastic, cosmetic, reconstructive, maxillofacial, and hand surgeries, showcasing his versatility and comprehensive expertise.

Expertise in Head and Neck Cancer Reconstruction

Dr. Dinesh Kadam's extensive training as a head and neck cancer surgeon at All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi has equipped him with specialized knowledge and skills in this challenging area. He brings a holistic approach to his practice, combining his plastic surgery expertise with an understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by patients with head and neck cancer.

Contributions to the Field of Plastic Surgery

Dr. Dinesh Kadam is not only a dedicated surgeon but also an avid researcher and educator. He has published and presented over 15 scientific papers in plastic surgery at various national and international conferences, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the field.

Comprehensive Range of Surgical Procedures

Dr. Dinesh Kadam offers a comprehensive range of surgical procedures to address various aesthetic and functional concerns. His expertise covers a wide spectrum, including Botox, face-lift, chemical peel, laser hair removal, body liposuction, abdomen reduction, neck lift, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, cheek lift, buttock lift, and breast augmentation. He tailors each procedure to meet the unique goals and desires of his patients, ensuring natural-looking results


With his extensive experience, exceptional surgical skills, and dedication to patient well-being, Dr. Dinesh Kadam is a trusted and highly sought-after plastic surgeon. Patients can confidently place their trust in his hands, knowing that he will deliver outstanding results and help them achieve their aesthetic goals.