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What to expect before and after Covid-19 vaccination

The global studies of Covid-19 vaccine and vaccination programs have all led to the same conclusions. Vaccines are our only effective way of fighting the coronavirus. While none of the vaccines claim that you will not get infected by the virus, it will help you build your immunity to fight against it so even if you get infected, the complications are not as serious as the threat possesses. Millions of people are now vaccinated across the world and are moving towards a safer world.

fight coronavirus with vaccination

If you are waiting for your vaccination process to begin, here are a few things which can help you:

  • Educate yourself: Do not believe in every article or pointers you get on the internet. Read, research and trust on the information given by trusted and verified resources. Equipping yourself with the right sources will make you more confident and in charge of your health and of your beloved.
  • Talk to your family doctor: If you have had covid or the ones cohabiting with you, you must speak to your doctor and then start with your vaccination program. Let your doctor know of all your medical history and any allergy to vaccines previously. Talk to your doctor before getting your covid-19 vaccine.
  • Care before vaccination: It is obvious to be anxious with everything going around currently but find ways to keep yourself calm. Have your meals on time and get some good night sleep. You do not have to go empty stomach for your vaccine unless told by your doctor.

Visit your nearest hospital for vaccination

While going for your vaccination, make sure you have booked your appointment and have a slot for yourself. Wear your mask and be at a safe physical distance from others at the vaccination center. Carry your medical records and let your health care professional know of them. Do not forget to carry and keep the card after the vaccination which mentions the name of the vaccine and other details. 

What to expect after Covid vaccination?

  • After vaccination, every receiver is made to sit in the waiting area for observation. The observation period is about 15-30 minutes to look for any immediate post vaccine reactions.

  • Brace yourself for some mild to moderate side effects after taking the vaccine. Every individual may not have them but it is better to be prepared. A few common symptoms are sore arm where the vaccine is taken, fever, body ache, headache, lethargy, etc. If these side effects continue for more than a few days then contact your doctor immediately.

  • Immunity building takes time to kick-in. The duration varies from person to person. Please be patient, trust the vaccine and motivate more and more people to take it.

importance of covid-19 vaccination

We at A.J. Hospital has all the protocols in place against the Covid-19 virus. You need to register yourself in advance. We do not entertain any walk-in admissions under any circumstance and will have to ask you to leave in such a case. Please be present at the time of your appointment along with your identity proof in the least to avoid crowding and help us carry out a smooth vaccination drive.