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Frequently Asked Questions on COVID Vaccination

After a year of stringent restrictions due to the Novel Coronavirus, the COVID-19 Vaccine comes as a glimmer of hope. It is a given that everyone has questions about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine. To answer your questions, our doctors have created this FAQ to help put your mind at ease. 

1. How does the Coronavirus  Vaccine work?
The vaccine contains the weakened, non-dangerous part of the antigen which allows your body to build the specific antibody for a learned immune response. This essentially means that your immune system is exposed to a very small and non-dangerous amount of antigens to elicit an immune response.

2. Who can get vaccinated?
Senior Citizens that are above the age 60 Years and people in the 45 – 59 years’ age group with Comorbidities can currently get the vaccine. Starting April 1st, the Vaccine will be available to everyone above the age of 45.

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4. What are the possible side effects of COVID-19 Vaccination?
Side Effects of Covid-19 vaccination include – Mild Symptoms like Fever, Myalgia, Sore Throat, Running Nose

5. What documents do I need to carry with me while getting vaccinated?
You must carry one of the following: Aadhar Card / Driving License / Pan Card / Passport / Pension Passbook

6. I have diabetes, is it safe for me to get vaccinated?
As per the current guidelines Diabetes is not a contraindication for vaccination.

7. Is the vaccine safe for pregnant women?
Unfortunately, Vaccine safety is not yet evaluated for pregnant women.

8. Can people under 50 get the vaccination?
45 – 59 years’ age group with Comorbidities as per the government guidelines. 
The vaccine will be available to everyone above the age of 45 starting April 1st.

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9. Is the vaccine safe for kids?
Vaccine safety for kids is not evaluated currently

10. How long do I need to wait before my second dose?
According to the revised guidelines from the Health Ministry, one has to wait 6-8 weeks before the second dose of the Vaccine.

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11. What precautions do I need to take after being vaccinated?
You must practice the COVID safety guidelines even after being vaccinated. 

a. Wear Mask at all times 

b. Wash your hands after being outside 

c. Social Distance in public settings 


d. If any severe symptoms are seen, then the individual should report to the ED

e. I.V Analgesics to be taken only after consultation with physician

12. What is the cost for the Vaccine?
The cost for the Vaccine is Rs. 250 per dose. 2 Doses of the vaccine will cost Rs. 500.
The COVID Vaccine is our only defense against the pandemic. It is our hope that we will soon return to a normal life. We hope that all your questions have been answered and you’ll soon be coming out to receive your first dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine at A.J. Hospital and Research Centre, one of the top vaccination centres in Mangalore.