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Coastal Karnataka’s first ever minimal invasive Liver Cancer Treatment “TARE” at A J Hospital- MEDIA RELEASE

An advanced minimally invasive liver cancer treatment using radioactive medicine, which is first of its kind in Dakshina Kannada district, was successfully performed at A.J. Hospital & Research Centre, Mangaluru by a team of doctors and support staff led by Interventional Radiologist Dr.Ashwin Polnaya and Nuclear Medicine Physician Dr.Sujith Rai.  The team of Doctors included Nuclear Medicine Physician Dr.Radhamohan and Gastroenterologist

Dr.Raghavendra Prasada.  The radioactive medicine required for the procedure was imported from Singapore.


A 53 year old male was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer.  Hence, a decision was taken to perform 'TARE (TransarterialRadioembolization) 'which is also known as 'Y-90 Microsphere Therapy' as part of his cancer treatment.


This is an advanced minimally invasive liver cancer treatment performed by ' Pin Hole' access in the groin and a catheter is passed into artery supplying liver tumour and millions of tiny 'beads' or 'microspheres' containing radioactive component (Y-90) are injected through the catheter which get localized within the tumor tissue.


The microspheres emit high doses of radiation directly to the tumor cells to destroy them.  This targeted nature of the procedure enables doctors to deliver up to 40 times more radiation to the liver tumors than would be possible using normal external radiation therapy, while sparing the healthy normal liver tissue from radiation toxicity.  Although, the radiation emission decreases over 2 weeks period, the internal radiation effect continues its tumoricidal action and peak effect is seen in 6-12 weeks with tumor becoming inactive and showing signs of progressive shrinkage. This method of treatment helps in local disease control of locally advanced liver tumors and helps in downstaging patients for curative surgical resection / liver transplantation so as to improve patient outcome. The treatment is well tolerated by the patients who can be discharged from the hospital very next day and offers good quality of life.

This procedure can be done in variety of liver tumors both originating within the liver or which have spread from other organs when primary oncology treatment given have failed. 

For further information regarding this treatment, you may please contact Dr.AshwinPolnaya at 9900458946.

To create awareness of the facilities and expertise available at A J Hospital AND Research Centre and for the benefit of needy, you are requested to kindly publish this news in your esteemed media.  


Dr.Prashanth Marla K, M.S, M.Ch, (Urology)

Medical Director& Transplant Surgeon