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Physical defects and deformities damage our self esteem and have adverse psychological impact on us. Some cause functional problems too. Defects and deformities can be there from birth or we may acquire them later due to genetic factors, accident or mishap.

Many of such defects and deformities of the body can be surgically altered or even completely reversed. Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Microvascular Surgery at A.J. Hospital & Research Centrehas a dedicated team of surgeons, supported by sophisticated surgical facilities and trained paramedical support staff, who have expertise in performing reconstructive and correctional procedures.

Apart from routine correctional surgeries and aesthetic procedures, we also have the credit of performing the highest number of re-plantation of limbs in the region.


Dedicated Facilities & Treatments
- Microvascular Surgery
- Reconstructive Surgery
- Correction of a Defect or Deformity
- Craniofacial Surgery
- Maxillofacial Surgery
- Orthognathic Surgery
- Hand Surgery
- Burns Treatment
- Head and neck cancer surgery Aesthetic (cosmetic) Surgery
- Abdomenoplasty, liposuction and lipectomy
- Hair transplantation
- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of Breast
- Breast enhancement (augmentation by implants)
- Breast lift (Mastopexy)
- Breast Reduction
- Breast Reconstruction following Mastectomy
- Minimal Invasive Surgery for Prominent Male Breast (Gynecomastia)

Burn Treatment

The Burn ICU (BICU) at A. J. Hospital provides advanced treatment for burn patients.

These patients need highly skilled medical attention, including close observation and the use of special monitoring equipment and comprehensive skin treatments. Doctors and nurses on the unit are trained in critical care and burn care.

Best available facility in the region to handle comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plans for patients suffering from burn injuries.

The services provided by the BICU along with the support from the entire multi-disciplinary team of the hospital can be broadly classified under the following

- Intensivist Services
- Surgical Services
- High level nursing Services
- Specialised wound care
- Plastic & reconstructive Surgery
- Nutritional Services
- Psychological Services
- Rehabilitation Services

The BICU with 8 beds is located in a highly sterile and less crowded area of the hospital to ensure that infection control, a vital component in burn management, is given top priority.