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Patient Info

What is Registration?
Registration is onetime activity where an Individual registers himself / herself for availing any kind of service offered by A.J. Hospital and Research Centre such as IP (Admission), OP (consultation with Doctor), Health Check-up, Investigations (Radiological & Pathological).

Why should one get registered?
- Get a unique hospital number.
- Helps in retrieving your past records as and when required.
- Makes the hospital services much easier and faster
Before Admission
Kindly contact the admission desk and provide them with the following details.
- Address Proof (Adhar Card) / Ration card / Passport
- Any insurance / scheme related document
- Reference letter if your doctor has given to you.
- Date of Admission, Treating Doctor, Preferred Class of Accommodation
- Department functions on all week days round the clock.
- Charges of investigation, Operation theatres and doctor fee will vary according to the room category.
- In case of insurance kindly contact corporate desk / TPA counter.
- Any clarification regarding bill can be done in the billing department.
- Discharge process will start once the doctor informs staff for discharge. Standard time limit for discharge process is 4 hours in our hospital.
- Prior to leaving hospital, ensure you receive a discharge summary, all medication prescription, when to obtain emergency treatment, future appointments which will be provided in the OPD ground floor.
- If you require a medical certificate please ask your doctor / nurse before final billing.
- Insurance billing based on approval status.
- On payment or on receiving of ‘May be Discharged’ slip which needs to be given to the ward in charge, patients have to vacate the room in 30 minutes or else remain in the day care unit if any delay is observed.
- If you require Home Care Services please contact information desk / enquiry Number 0824 22255 33, +91 7846802333 for the appointment

Patient's Rights

Regarding the Care you receive
- To be cared with kindness and respect by all employees of the hospital.
- To demand quality care and treatment.
- To inform the hospital authorities regarding deficiencies in care and service.
- To express your grievance and complaints.
- To access details of hospital rules and regulations that relate to your care.
Regarding the Treatment and the Doctors treating you
- To know the name of the doctor who is primarily responsible for your treatment and care; and also to discuss your medical problem with the doctor's involved in your treatment.
- To seek and receive all the information necessary for understanding your medical condition.
- To know the probable diagnosis, treatment planned and the prognosis of the disease.
- To be transferred to another facility once you are informed regarding the necessity of and alternatives to the transfer.
- To be informed about the possible financial implications of the proposed treatment at admission and subsequently when there is a change in the patient condition or treatment modality.
- To accept or refuse any treatment after being informed of the risks, benefits and consequences of your decision.
- To get discharged from the hospital even against the advice of the treating doctor. (You will be asked to sign “Discharge against Medical Advice” form).
- To be informed before any research protocol is initiated; and to refuse to be included in the research protocol.
- To receive a photo copy of your medical records on written request.
Regarding Privacy
- To confidentiality of your medical information; this will be disclosed only to the medical personnel directly responsible for your care.
- To disclose relevant hospital health records to none other than statutory authorized bodies.
- To privacy while you are undergoing a physical examination.
- To avoid recieving visitors and guests except those acceptable to you.
Regarding Billing
- To receive an itemized copy of your bill.
- To review and personally clarify details of your bill with the authorities.
Regarding access to Medical Information
- To be informed on request regarding safety, effectiveness and the potential side effects of the medication administered.
- To be educated on diet and nutrition, relevant to the medical condition.
- To be informed on request regarding prophylaxis and immunizations.
- To be informed on request regarding infection control.

Patient Responsibilities

A.J. Hospital has the right to expect responsible behavior from its patients and their families.
Providing Patient full Information
- Provide complete and accurate personal information including full name, address and occupation.
Providing Their Past Illnesses
- Provide us with information about your past illnesses, hospitalizations, medication, allergies and any other issues related to your health.
Follow Hospital Rules and Regulations
- Comply with the 'NO SMOKING NO ALCOHOL NO SPITTING' policy.
- Comply with the visitor policies to ensure the rights and comfort of all patients. Be considerate of noise levels, privacy, and safety. Weapons are prohibited on premises.
- Follow the security rules of the hospital.
- Treat hospital staff, other patients, and visitors with courtesy and respect.
Provide Complete and accurate information for Insurance
- Provide complete and accurate information for insurance claims and co-operate with the hospital and physician billing offices to facilitate payment arrangements.
Keep up Appointments
- Provide advance notice if you are unable to keep up an appointment; cancel an appointment or reschedule it as far in advance as possible when missing the appointment is unavoidable.
Personal Privacy and confidentiality of Medical Records
- Accept the measures taken by the hospital to ensure personal privacy and confidentiality of medical records.
- Don’t give medication prescribed for you to others.
- Don’t take any medications without the knowledge of doctor and health care professionals.
Charter of Rights and Seek Clarification
- Make an attempt to understand the charter of rights and seek clarification if any.
Clean Environment
- Co-operate in maintaining a clean environment within the hospital and premises. Don’t litter the place with waste paper, food packages, leaves, bottles etc... and not throw anything into water closets that could block the drainage.