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Blood Donation


At A.J.Blood Bank we provide transfusion services to patients and recipients of A. J. Hospital and Research Centre and A.J Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre and all recipients in and around Mangaluru.

In the year 2002, A.J.Blood bank started out as Blood Bank catering to only Whole Blood transfusion. As a part of continuous improvement, we later added packed cells, fresh frozen plasma, Platelet concentrate and Cryoprecipitate in our scope of services. A.J.Blood bank is a 24 hrs open blood bank and offer transfusion services including Voluntary donation ,TTI screening , blood product processing ,safe storage and Safe transfusion to recipients. All these services conform to modern medical practices which will help clinicians in instituting advanced transfusion related therapy to patients.

A.J.Blood bank is fully licensed by CDSCO and approved by Drug Controller of India. The Blood Bank is managed by Laxmi Memorial Education Trust and is classified as a charitable Blood Bank

A.J.Blood Bank is managed by a team of trained blood bank officers and pathologists, Quality & Technical Manager, Technical Supervisor, Technicians, staff nurse, counselor, coordinator and other support staff.

The A.J.Blood bank Quality manual is an apex document of the Quality Management System and is a confidential and controlled document which is authorized by the medical director and under the supervision of quality assurance department.

This issue of the blood bank quality manual is the first such document prepared as a part of NABH accreditation process. At AJ Blood Bank the Quality Management System is reviewed annually. These amendments can be done by Quality Manager and reviewed by Blood Bank Officer. However the implementation can be done only after the authorization by medical director.

Quality Policy

A.J.Blood Bank will aim for the highest standards of transfusion services and provide Whole Blood and Blood Components to the right patient at the right time. It will be our responsibility to ensure quality of Blood and Blood components for Clinical use, which will comply with state and national regulations. To achieve these objectives A.J. blood bank has an efficient organizational management who strive for betterment of patient care through modern practices, training and documentation.

A.J.Blood Bank will deliver to our clients the desired quality of services that conforms to NABH Blood Bank standards and have executed a Quality Management System that is committed to continuous improvement of our process and performances.

Licence & Certificate

 Department of Drug Control has granted Licence to operate a Blood Bank for collection , storage and processing of Blood /Blood Components.
 Blood Bank Licence Number KTK/28C/223/2009
 Karnataka Blood Transfusion Council has granted Permission to conduct Voluntary Blood Donation Camps in association with Govt Wenlock Hospital Blood Bank.
 The blood bank conducts regular blood donation camps in and around the district of south kanara as per protocols laid down by govt of Karnataka.


The blood bank is situated at basement of AJIMS O.P.D with 14 rooms.
1. Reception: Where all data entry, receiving the samples, and issue of blood is done – totally in Blood Bank Information System with a secure database.

2. Donor waiting area

3. Blood Bank Officer Room

4. Blood group Serology Lab (Air Conditioned: Here the basic Blood grouping, cross matching, Coombs test and Antibody Screening Test, by Gel Card Technology and also tests for transfusion reaction are done.

5. Medical Examination Room: Here the basic medical tests like Hemoglobin, weight, BP, Pulse, Temperature are done on the donors prior to declaring them fit for donating blood.

6. Blood Collection Room (Air Conditioned): Once the donor is declared fit for donating blood, blood is collected in CPD – A blood collection bags according to the requirement; either 350ml or 450ml.

7. Refreshment & Recovery Room (Air Conditioned): After donating the blood, donors are requested to take rest here, and refreshment is served.

8. Component Separation Room (Air Conditioned): Here the different components from whole blood are separated accordingly. The main components that are separated include:
• Packed Cells
• Fresh Frozen Plasma
• Platelet Concentrate
• Cryoprecipitate.

9. T.T.I. Laboratory(Air Conditioned): For Testing infections & Sexually Transmitted Disease (Air Conditioned). Here mandatory tests are done for HIV, HBs Ag, HCV, RPR & MP.

10. Blood/ Blood Component storage room(Air Conditioned): Here we store the Blood/ Blood Component in 3 Blood Bank Refrigerator, 3 Deep freezer and Platelet incubator with agitator.

11. Thawing room (Air Conditioned): Here the thawing of Plasma are done.

12. Sterilization and Washing Room: Here the washing of test tubes, slides and other glass wares and plastic tubes are done. Autoclaving and drying of tubes using hot air oven are also done here.

13. Stores & Record Room: Consumable items required for day to day use are stored here and also documents which we store for 5 years .

14. Technician Room


Why you should donate blood?
 Your blood donation can save up to 3 lives.
 There is no substitute for blood.
 Prevents death by donating blood.
 Every two seconds, someone needs blood.
 Donating blood could favour the spread of healthy lifestyle.
Who can donate blood ?
 Any healthy adult, both male & female can donate blood.
 Men once in every three month & women every four month.
Age : Between 18 to 60 years.
Hemoglobin : Not less than 12.5 g/dl.
Body weight : Not less than 46 kg.
Blood pressure : Not more than 160/100 mmhg. Not less than 100/60 mmhg
Who cannot donate blood ?
 Previous Donation within past 3 months.
 Very high blood pressure
 Anemia
 Fever, infection, acute asthma
 Pregnancy, lactation & recent abortion
 Major surgery in past 1 year or minor surgery within 3months.
 Cardiac disease, cancer, fits, jaundice, HIV infection, Tuberculosis on treatment, chronic kidney disease, gastric ulcer, liver disease.
 Intake of certain medicines
 Recent tattooing/ear piercing/dental procedures/blood transfusion in the last 3-6months
Who need blood transfusion ?
 All injured in accidents.
 Cases of bleeding before and after birth.
 Premature infants.
 Newborn to the different Rhesus factor the parents.
 Thalassemia , Sickle Cell anemia, Hemophillia and Leukemia and etc.
 Tumor patients, Nuclear Medicine and Bloody vomiting, Patients with Liver and Kidney dialysis, burns and endemic diseases.
Health benefits of donating blood
 Reduces your risk of Heart attack.
 Enhances the production of new blood cells.
 Burns calories.
 Reduces the Cancer risk.
 Regular donors have reduced incidence of hypertension and other vascular abnormalities.
 Free mini physical check up.
 One thing is clear – donating blood has many benefits to the donors as well as the recipient.
 So, if you want to pick up a healthy habit head over to A.J. Blood Bank and give the gift of life.

Myths & Facts

Myth: Being a Vegetarian, means that the blood does not have enough iron and cannot be donated.
Fact: Vegetarians can donate blood. The iron needed is taken from body stores and once balanced diet and maintained is replaced after donation this usually normally a month or so.

Myth: Giving blood hurts.
Fact: The pain is experienced is no more a needle prick. The slight soreness that may be where the needle is just a reminder of the deed done.

Myth: HIV or Other infections can be contracted from donating blood.
Fact: Clean procedure exists for taking blood from each donor sterility is maintained at all steps. Sterile, new needle is used for each donation is than properly discarded. Use of sterile and technique limits the chance of infection.

Myth: Giving blood is time consuming.
Fact: The time taken for single donation session is normally not more than an hour or so.

Myth: There is limited blood in the body and it is unhealthy to give some away.
Fact: only about 350 – 450 ml of blood is taken during the donation session. There is enough blood in the body to donate it without ill effects. The body makes new blood after donation.

Myth: Age is a deterrent to blood donation.
Fact: Anyone up to the age of 60 , who is fit and healthy can give blood.

Myth: Heavy people are healthier and have more blood to give.
Fact: Being overweight makes people less healthy. Overweight people do not have more blood.

Myth: Health deteriorates after donating blood.
Fact: If you are healthy prior to donation, your recovery is complete in a day or two it advised to rest a while after donating. Drinking enough liquids replaces the lost fluid within a couple of hours. The body produced the new cell faster after donation. All the RBCs are replaced within 3 – 4 day s and WBCs within 3 weeks.

Myth: You cannot take part in sports or their physical activities after donating blood.
Fact: Giving blood doesn’t interfere with ability to perform physical; advice to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous workouts for the rest of the day is given after the donation. You can get back on track the next day.

Myth: Taking medication that one cannot be a blood donor.
Fact: Depending on the medication being taken, it may halt donation for a period through in many case it prevent the donation , person in charge or the nursing staff should be informed before donating.

Myth: When there is requirement blood can be manufactured.
Fact: Blood is not a something that can be manufactured. It can only come from healthy human being.

Myth: Being of mixed rays precludes blood from being helpful.
Fact: Race and cast have no bearing on eligibility being a blood donor. It is the blood type and group that is importance.

Blood Donation Camp

Would you like to Conduct Voluntary blood donation camp
The A.J.Blood bank conducts regular blood donation camps in and around the district of south kanara as per protocols laid down by government of Karnataka.

For information kindly contact
A.J. Hospital & Research Centre,
A.J. Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre
Department of Transfusion Medicine
A.J. Blood Bank
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0824-2862111, 2225533